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Italian thoroughbred shotguns from Rizzini. The Rizzini family includes a large number of gunmakers – almost every Italian maker other than Beretta seems to feel some influence from its gene pool and Battista Rizzini founded his business in Brescia the gunmaking heart of Italy back in 1966. This family-run operation produces a sensible array of shotguns for game and clays and cover a range from £1600 to just under £5000.






Rizzini Omnium


The Omnium's simplicity belies a ruggedness and reliability which are the envy of many a competitor in this price-bracket. Despite it’s low price the Omnium provides the shooter with the same combination of reliability and handling dynamics that higher grade guns offer, but at a value-packed price. All components are manufactured and finished in Rizzini’s own factory to higher standards than most production grade guns of other makers. As a result, quality and reliability can be guaranteed.

Flat forged frames and barrels of nickel chrome steel are crafted into functional and graceful shotguns suitable for all shooting purposes. Frame sizes in 12 and 20 make for dynamic handling characteristics. All guns come in interchangeable screw-in chokes and bores are chrome lined for corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. Deeply blued barrels and actions provide durability no matter what the field conditions.

Of particular interest is the Omnium Youth Model: this is a well-balanced 28 bore with 26” barrels and a 13½” stock, ideally suited to a youngster’s frame and built. The gun is delivered with a spare butt pre-fitted 1” wooden butt plate, so that the stock can be extended as the user grows. It is the perfect first gun.


Our Price

Only £1595



Rizzini Vertex Sporting


The Vertex, with its tricolour striped action and fancy chequering, is a true competition gun with an unashamed Italian flavour. The reinforced action sides make it perfectly suitable for intensive use and the 3” will happily digest any ammunition you choose to put through them. The heavy barrels are offset by a sporting stock, which is fitted as standard with an adjustable comb, allowing the user to set it to the optimum shooting position.

Available in 12g, 16g & 20g in 28" & 30" barrels. 32" barrels available at an extra cost of £265


Our Price

Only £1785


Rizzini V3


The new Rizzini V3 was launched this summer and is specifically targeted at the discerning sporting shooter. Priced at £1575 it is proving popular with club shooters throughout the UK. Various gauges, barrel lengths and formats (Sporting, Skeet & Trap) available, built on the same action as the Premier which is a boss style frame. The gun comes with five extended chokes and a five year warranty.

Our Price

Only £1785



Rizzini Aurum


The Aurum is a simple but supremely versatile sporting shotgun, equally at home on the clay range as in the field. At its heart is the Rizzini action, which has proved itself so reliable over the years: adorned with game scenes, with either a traditional colour case hardened or old silver finish, this model’s uncluttered lines give it and elegance which matches its handling. The small frame version in 28 bore with 30” barrels is a particularly well balanced gun and is devastating at game.


Also available in a light version

Our Price

Only £2095



Rizzini Artemis


The Artemis is an elegant development of Rizzini’s ultra-reliable action, featuring generously engraved sideplates. The engraving is intricate renaissance scrollwork and highly decorative without being ostentatious. The game version of this model features all the characteristics one would expect from a classic game gun; solid ribs, selective trigger and a rounded pistol grip stock, made of oil finished well-figured walnut.


Available in 12g, 16g & 20g in 28" & 30" barrels. 32" barrels available at an extra cost of £265

Our Price

Only £2850


Rizzini Round Body EM


The RB series is the most recent addition to the Rizzini range. Its elegantly rounded frame bears a striking resemblance to the round action shotguns made famous by Scottish gunmakers.

As befits a top-of-the-range model, the RB’s rounded pistol grip stock is of highly figured walnut, featuring fine chequering and ending in solid wood, without the need for a butt plate. Its balance and elegant lines make it a highly desirable game gun. The RBEL (Extra Lusso) is very much the flagship of the RB series, its action is fully engraved with deep ornamental scroll engraving and is available in old silver of traditional colour case hardened finish.


Available in 12g, 16g & 20g in 28" & 30" barrels. 32" barrels available at an extra cost of £265

Our Price

RBEM £2850

RBEL £4420

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